WHAT NOW?! Life After Law School

Since graduation & even the months prior, I've gotten a ton of questions as to "what my plans were after law school?" So here it is: Nothing.  😅

haha ok, not exactly nothing but as many of my classmates begin their bar studies this week. That chapter is kind of on hold for me! 

Thanks to the US Air Force, we have no idea where we will be relocating to once Dr. DO completes his residency in 2018. So I am in no rush to take the bar in one state- wait on results- and then "find a job if I'm lucky" to only work for 3 months until we relocate.  

Instead, we made the decision that I would stay at home (fortunate to be able to do this) until we relocate and are settled. This way we know we'll be in one area for at least 3 years. Before moving again.  

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Although I plan to be a mom-preneur & household engineer 😎  For the next few months, I have decided & signed up already to take the Bar Exam in February 2018! 

With us not knowing where we are headed I'm going to take the D.C. Bar which is a UBE state. This potentially puts me in the clear to practice in 26 states {when I pass} instead of just 1. 

There is also what is called "Military Spouse Reciprocity" thanks to the beautiful efforts of other Military JD Spouses. Under the Obama Administration, a bill was passed to allow attorney spouses of our lovely service men & women to have privileges to practice in certain states without having to sit for additional bar exams. Because let's face it, bar fees are expensive & military life is unpredictable. #ThanksObama.  

So that covers me for 24 states! 😬

(Some of which are also UBE) 

On the off chance we end up in a place that is not UBE or Military JD - I will have to sit for another bar. 😅 But we'll worry about that when the time comes!  

For now, I plan to fully enjoy mom life! My "Maternity Leave" has been extended since it was very short lived while in law school. 😂 So for everyone who felt bad for me having to return to school so soon after having a baby, I survived because I knew it was only temporary!

Cheers to being a Full-Time SAH (Stay at Home) Rock Star Mommy for the next year or so! 😁 

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