Welcome To The Military- Air Force Commisioning Ceremony

This post is late, like over a year over due - BUT better late than never :)

I know in the future I plan to write about our life and experience with Noah being a Doctor in Air Force, but after thinking about previous blog post I realized many people may not know that Noah is a Physician in the Air Force - so here is a short post to catch you up.

Before Noah & I got married, Noah briefly entertained the idea of joining the military as a physician while in medical school.  

Fast forward to a year before medical school graduation, now married, I nudged Noah to revisit the idea of the military as a career choice.  

{Random people have always asked Noah if he was in the military before he joined- I guess it’s the bald head & his love for fitness?!}

There was a lot of thought that went into the decision and after weighing the pros & cons we decided, he should give it a shot?! We almost kick ourselves that we didn't do it sooner. 

{In case you're wondering, YES I said WE because his decision to join means that WE as a family JOIN, the direction of our family's future will largely be shaped by Noah's career in the military. I've already felt the effect with graduation from law school and deciding which bar to take- more on that later- so yes WE as a unit decided to join the military.}

After a rigorous and detailed application process (almost 2 years) Noah was officially Commissioned as Capt. Wallace in the United States Air Force. YAY!! 

We had a small commissioning ceremony at Noah’s Family Home in Maryland. 

A little before the ceremony we decided since we’d have close friends and family together all at one time, we'd surprise everyone -including ourselves- with a gender reveal!  (Which totally wasn't a thing when I had Kubb, Split Mom Problems :) 

Check out the pictures below! 

Air Force Commissioning Ceremony
Air Force Pining Ceremony
Gender Reveal Surprise