Post Baby Body- Ian is 9 months

As some of you may know, I had a veryyy tough pregnancy.

While I was over joyed to finally be expecting after suffering 3 miscarriages in a row, it was not fun, or pregnancy goals. I was not glowing, in fact if I am being honest, I was miserable most days.

I barely had the energy to do anything (working out was totally off the table with my 2 hour commute) and I was sick the entire 39 weeks so I just ate whatever my body tolerated and wouldn't reject.

As a result, I gained a ton of weight during my pregnancy. Weight that has made me self conscious as a mother (pun intended lol) 

I have to keep reminding myself that it took over a year (the 3 miscarriages & my pregnancy with Ian) to gain this weight so I have to at least give myself the same time to get it off. 

Admittedly though, it has been hard to do at 9 months in. Not one to make excuses but the first few months I was trying to finish school to ensure I graduated on time, and after graduating I've been taking care of a Ian, and our household around my husbands crazy schedule. So I just have to go to the gym when I can.

When Ian turned 6months old, I thought since he was eligible for child-watch at the gym working out would be easier. Umm yea, after about 3 workouts Ian got booted for being a cry baby. They called like ma'am we've tried everything he will not stop crying, COME GET YOUR BABY.  While it wasn't necessarily embarrassing (BABIES WILL BE BABIES - he didn't know or trust those folks) I felt like my motivation took 10 steps back. My excitement to get back in the gym faded and the business of life took over. 

While I have managed to make it back to the gym (I have to take Ian to his baby sitter) My mindset about working out has shifted. 

I've let go of the timeline, and I've learned to embrace my body for what it is a baby making machine :) 

Sometimes I post "look at me I'm in the gym" pictures to  my Instagram Stories and I usually get DM's from other moms who they too are struggling with getting back in shape, finding time for the gym, and so forth. 

I just wanted to encourage moms especially but ALL WOMEN, to love yourself. Love your post baby body. You birthed a HUMAN, thats pretty amazing. The weight will leave eventually, DO NOT BE HARD ON YOURSELF. Do not compare your journey to anyone else. Don't allow pinterest perfect mom bods to discourage you from being confident in your own skin.

Ignore Social Media’s pressure to “Snap Back” & do this on your own terms! 

There is so much Beauty in becoming. Stop waiting to become a perfect version of yourself and consciously enjoy who you are in the present. 

me & ian

Oh yea, this little peanut is 9 months old.


  • He has two teeth
  • EATS tons of fruits & veggies
  • His vocabulary includes; DADA, Hi, & HUH
  • And he is crawling EVERYWHERE.