Grown Up Guide to TEENAGE Humans -- OMG I HAVE A TEENAGER

So I was recently asked to give an honest review on a book, The Grown Up Guide to Teenage Humans. First let me start by saying; it was really good! Second, I would encourage all of those who are parents to teenagers or even mentor teenagers to read it! I'm usually not a fan of "parenting books." I follow the learn as you go approach, but I am truly glad I read this one. There were so many nuggets of information that I plan to implement and an entire section I will refer back to as the years go on. This is only the beginning for us. 

Over, the summer Kubb turned 13. I HAVE A TEENAGER. This still amazes me!

How has it been? I'm sure you're wondering, well wonder no more it has been interesting. I mean the kid had 12.5 years to prepare for this role,( & technically so did I)  but he’s got the whole “teenager attitude” down to a science already. 

Nothing too crazy, but still- the boy is feeling himself y’all. He’s open about the girls he likes, his voice has really dropped (when I’m on the phone and he’s in the room people sometimes ask is that Noah 😅) & he’s very creative with his "side" of the story.  (I can partially blame myself for this, Kubb was always my mock professor,  juror, or judge when I had to prepare for assignments in law school. He's even sat in on a few classes so he learned the skill honestly. lol)  

But overall, I’m excited about this next chapter. I know it will get "testy" - we’ll see if the horror stories of raising teens hold up, or the infamous what you did to your parents you get it back x 10.

In advance, I rebuke those things right now in the name of Jesus! 

We celebrated his birthday by throwing him a GAMERS PARTY IN THE PARK. He loves his PS4, well really just playing 2K so we rented a Video Game Bus for him and his crew to celebrate Kubb reaching #Level13 🎮

Check out some of the pics below, and feel free to share some advice on #RaisingTeens if you've been there, done that :) 


Video Game Bus Party 
Skateboarding Doctor 
Legally Med Kids 
Video Game Cupcakes