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Ian's Birth Story
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It was on Fathers Day two years ago that we learned of our first pregnancy. I was so excited to tell Noah on Father's Day that he was going to be a Poppa for the first time!! Although that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, God loves to bring things full circle and last year on Father's Day we found out we were expecting Ian!  

So this year for Fathers Day I figured it would be a great time to share his birth story & honor my husband for the amazing role he played in it!  




As I've mentioned before, I commuted over an hour both ways to law school everyday (well 3x a week last semester 3L year) so when I got pregnant, one of the first things that crossed my mind was when and where will I deliver this baby?!

I was terrified that I'd go into labor at school, my husband not being able to get there in time, or even worst - going into labor in the car & having to give birth alone on the side of the road. Thank God none of those things happened- but they did cross my mind -- almost daily. 

As I approached 35 weeks I started to think of a game plan. I had classmates who were on board to drive me "home" if possible, but more importantly get me to the nearest hospital if need be.  

When I went to my 35 week appointment I asked my doctor about induction. I was just too nervous about having the baby in some random place because everyone kept telling me the second time around "they slide right out" despite the time in between births.  So even though I wanted to go into labor naturally, I wasn't willing to risk it. {because, in law school- you don't get maternity leave. A post about having a baby in law school coming soon.} 

So after speaking with my doctor, she  recommended the earliest to do an induction to be 39 weeks. I was absolutely annoyed if I'm being honest. I had a very difficult pregnancy. Not difficult in the sense of complications. We had a Healthy baby, which I was extremely grateful for. No high blood pressure issues or anything. But I was sick. All. Day. Every. Day. Morning/all day sickness.

Zofran became my best friend. But even on that I'd still have dates with the toilet, daily for all 39 weeks. So when she said I had to wait 4 more weeks I was a tad bummed!! I was so over being pregnant & sick at that point. 

Despite how I felt, the health of the baby was all that really mattered so I sucked it up. We looked at her schedule, my schedule, & my husbands to coordinate & decide what the best day for induction would be. I turned 39 weeks on a Monday, so I asked her to do it THAT DAY and we'd figure the rest out :) I also didn't have class on Mondays so it was perfect!  

We didn't even realize until later that the Monday I turned 39 weeks was the day before Valentine's Day. I just wanted the baby out. I was ready to meet my prince, & finally get rid of the "morning" sickness.  

Noah was on hospital medicine that month- one of the tougher rotations in residency, because the schedule is so demanding. [6 days a week 6am-7/8pm] no fun! Unfortunately for us also, during this rotation no one is allowed to request days off. Yup. Even if you're having a baby.


So we scheduled the induction for 6pm. I figured Noah could at least ask to get off early & we'd be at the hospital that evening. Well.. he was approved to get off early, but it still ended up being late - 5:30 pm lol. A friend of ours who is also a resident with Noah, agreed to allow Kubb to stay the night over with her & her husband so she could take him to school the next morning while we were at the hospital. Which was such a big help because none of our family is close by & no one would be coming until after the baby came home from the hospital.

----- Up until 39 weeks I tried everything in the world to induce labor hahaha all those "old wives tales" I tried. YUP, all of them & guess what?? NOTHING worked. NOT ONE THING- (I even ate pineapple which I am allergic to. That is how desperate I was! lmaooooo  ----- 

Anyway 6:30pm on Feb. 13th we were finally on our way to the hospital- only 2 mins from our house. I contemplated walking there to get my last few miles in to get the baby out, but we drove because who was going to carry my hospital bag, the baby bag, and Noah's bag while I wobbled up the block lol.

Once we got there all the nurses who Noah had worked with for the past 2 years were happy to see me. They were all extremely nice and super accommodating. Noah still had notes for work to finish up so while they were getting me hooked up and the cervidil (induction medication) inserted, he was on his laptop doing work. 

From 8pm to 12am there wasn't much excitement. Light contractions here and there.. but I was managing. Getting up to use the bathroom every 30 mins it seemed. Around 1am things took a turn! Contractions became more intense and closer, & I requested some paid medication which was given through my IV (stadol) I never desire to take again in life. It made me feel sooo loopy, I couldn't even formulate words so I just tried to go to sleep. Without much success might I add because sleep & labor don't mix well. 

Around 1am I asked for more pain meds. IDK what they gave me, (probably (Stadol) - but hey it worked. I was able to fall asleep for a little. But around 3am I woke up in the worst pain -- { shout out to all the women who do it natural, y'all are the real MVP// I knew I wasn't about that life. I wanted the drugs with Kubb and this Birth was no different lol I have a low tolerance for pain so I would never even attempt, call me a wimp - oh well.} 

Anyway, around 3am they checked me I was only about 5cm ughhhh progress but not enough I was ready to get him out, my Doctor wouldn't let me get an epidural until I was at least 6cm so I had to suffer through a few more hours of pain. This time I refused to get Stadol again because of how it made me feel. 

Finally around 6am my Doctor came in and checked me, decided to start pitocin and take the cervidil out. When she did that things really picked up. 

The pitocin had my contractions coming very frequently and intense, so I was begging for an epidural lol. 

My friend/classmate, who was also pregnant volunteered to come along and help because she - [ 1. Wanted to know what she was going to be facing in 10 weeks. 2. We didn't have any family around as stated before for support in the room. 3. She was going to help with getting Kubb from school and to the hospital once the baby arrived. ] She arrived right before my doctor  broke my water around 7:30 am and then I got the epidural. Whew. I felt much better, I could actually talk again. I was finally able to relax a little. & Rest! 

Black Woman Birth Story - LegallyMed

That relaxation didn't last long, about 2 hours later my Doctor came in to check me again and I was 9cm so she said ITS TIME TO GET READY

Although I was relieved it was showtime, I was starting to get nervous. The same thing happened with Kubb. When it was time to actually push the baby out for some reason I was like ummm-  wait no is there any other way. I'm not ready. Pineapples. hahaha 

Nevertheless, thats the most beautiful part of the whole story... Pushing the baby out. Right?! 


So Noah or should I say: Dr. Wallace at this point and my OB had agreed that he would actually do the delivery, she was there for oversight in case anything went left and she needed to take over since he was too emotionally attached. So he began to robe up. He went from Husband mode, to Doctor mode real quick...(& it was pretty sexy ;)) I was thankful that my friend had come along because even though my hubby is superman, there was no way he could hold my hand, my legs, encourage me, and get the baby out at the same time. Having her there was a blessing.


It was time to push and I was readyyyyyy- well at least I thought I was. With Kubb I pushed for all of 10 mins and he was born. So with Ian I was expecting 2 pushes max and "He's out." lol it didn't quite work out like that. More like 6 GOOD Pushes. 

I began to push and Noah was actually a great motivator and encourager, he was telling me how much of a good job I was doing, and that the baby was coming --- after about 2 good pushes however, I may or may not have yelled at everyone to stop telling me that was a good push- because I'm working my butt off, so WHERE IS THE BABY?! 

I figured if they kept saying that was a good push the baby should be here lol so the nurse went and got a mirror so I could see what they all saw, him making his way downtown :) 

Thats when I wanted to quit though, it was 10 mins in, the baby wasn't here I was pushing the hardest and I felt defeated. {I don't know how women push for hours, OMG kudos to those SUPERWOMEN!!!} 

Noah asked if I was ready to push again, and I said "No I cant do it" everyone in the room told me I could- and he was just a few pushes away from being here. So I began to push again after about 3 mins of contemplating others ways to get the baby out, without having to be cut. lol 

So I pushed. and PUSHED. AND PUSHED. & then bam -- he WAS HERE!!! 

Poppa caught him and introduced him to me, although he was screaming at us because we ruined his peaceful womb vibes he was as sweet as can be! Then the Nurse said : "It's A Valentine's Day Baby" & I thought how perfect! This has certainly been a labor of Love. Welcome to the World- LOVE CHILD. 

Looking back it really wasn't bad. I pushed for all of 20 minutes maybe, my husband did amazing at coaching me and getting him into this world without any complications - but more importantly he was perfect & healthy! He was everything I prayed for & more. 

All the morning sickness suddenly became absolutely worth it- he was the best reward. 

It was the most amazing experience ever watching my husband deliver his first child, our son! I was finally able to see his passion and love for delivering babies shine!

My friend told me how beautiful it was to watch, & how we fed off of each other working well as a team through the entire delivery.  

Although he's been a bonus dad to Kubb, it has been a joy to watch him with his mini - {no really, he's his little twin. I did all that work, was sick for 39 weeks and Ian looks just like his Poppa. I feel slighted.} 

Noah gave "I brought you in this world and I can take you out" a whole new meaning that day.  ;)

I enjoyed seeing my husband in Doctor Mode, maybe we'll do this again someday ;)  

Black Birth Story- LegallyMed

Noah Ian 7lbs of perfection


Happy Fathers Day ❣️