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Were Engaged

I don't even know where to begin but ... We are officially Engaged!!! So this means I'm officially off the Market, & I'm one step Closer to becoming Mrs. W 😁. 

I get to share my life with my best friend & soul mate. God has truly brung us together & I'm forever grateful for his blessing & grace. 

Here's how it all went down .. 

The future Hubby & I went ring shopping back in June or so... I speculated that he would propose around our anniversary Nov 30 BUT I GUESS THAT WAS TOO OBVIOUS so I was clearly wrong! 

On NYE my dream finally came true! Doc W is a 3rd year medical student (all my MS WIFE'S AND DOC'S WIFE'S KNOW MY STUGGLE) .. & he told me he had to work NYE so I didnt expect to see him.

I got dressed all cute for NYE service that began @ 9 .. upon arrival of course everyone wanted to know where he was & I'm like oh he had to work, blah blah blah.. each time someone asked I got sad.. but I realized this would be a reality for us in his profession... some holidays would be spent alone, so get us to it is what I kept telling myself...


Fastforward to around 11:15 he walks in-(I didn’t see him at all even though I was sitting near the door smh) as someone was giving their testimony and he was blurted out an "Amen” so I turned around like what are u doing here lol.. with the confused face I gritted on him & mouthed “u lied to me” lol he asked for the mic next to give his testimony.. then walked to the front of the church.. I’m thinking at this time what the heck is he doing everyone else did this from their seat why are u going to the front, that's so extra.. and he proceeded to give his testimony and then he said: “but I can’t go into 2014 without applying a certain verse that I’ve meditated on for my entire life, Proverbs 18:22 says that He who finds a wife finds a good thing (when I heard that I dropped into the seat & began crying lol) & he called me to the front "can u come up here".. and the rest was a blur… before I knew it he was on his knee and I was saying yes!

I was so excited I didn’t even see the ring until someone screamed that’s a “rock, let me see” & I looked down & screamed!!!!! It was exactly what I always dreamt of a "Yellow Diamond" :)

I never expected to get this until maybe well into His career, he certainly made a dream come true! 

I love him & 5 days later I'm still sooooooo Happy!