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Mission LSAT = Complete

Well well well. October 5th has come & gone. I'm still in shock. Sometimes I look over at my books like I'm suppose to be reading them.... But prayerfully I never have to open them again...! 

The night before my test my routine was pretty exciting. I guess lol. 

I grabbed some Blue Bell Ice Cream (Krazy Kookie Dough--cake batter ice cream with sugar cookie pieces) amazing! Then watched Legally Blonde for a little motivation. Let's face it, watching Elle Woods get a 179 & get into Harvard  Law gives us normal people hope :-) 

I attempted to go to sleep around 10pm but failed. Miserably. I simply couldn't sleep. So I convinced Doc W to stay on the phone with me. He laughed at how anxious I was. My mind was racing, although I packed everything (or so I thought). I was like what should I wear, should I bring a jacket although the weather was saying it would be 80 degrees, what snack should I bring. What if I over slept or my alarm didn't sound. I had a million what if questions that he brushed off by encouraging me to calm down & go to sleep. 

Eventually I did but it was a light sleep... I heard every creek in the walls that night... I woke up around 6:30 after Doc W called as a just in case my alarm didn't go off. Oh yea I forgot to mention he came down this weekend to surprise me so Saturday morning I got a text and met him after getting dressed. He followed me to the testing center. That I def scoped out the day before. Don't forget to Do THIS if you can! 

To my surprise it was the schools homecoming so the parking lots and entrances were blocked off.. So I illegally got on campus and parked right in front of the building. We said a prayer for my success on the test, & not to get towed and then I headed in. 

My Mug Shot: 

I had coffee that morning so I had to use the bathroom upon entering the building. I found the class I was suppose to be in that wa listed by last name. I was the first to arrive to my room so the test instructor advised me to wait. I sat & waited, & waited, more people showed up.. I waited some more... Then she finally says get your ID & test ticket out. Oh shoot. I realize at this time my ID was the one thing I forgot to put in my ziplock so I raced down to my car, thankfully I illegally parked in front of the building or I would have been in trouble... Then I rushed back up, got checked in and was ready to roll. 

The test was a challenge but I feel good about it. We were done by 1:15 so I spent the rest of the weekend celebrating with Doc W. 

Today I also went back to work & that was amazing. Helped me to not refresh my email every 5mins looking for my score :( lol. The struggle. 

Still learning the ropes in training but it seems pretty exciting. 

I will update more hopefully since the test is over, now I'm anticipating October 30th. Test Score Release Date by email 😲😬