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Rewarding Day huh?!

Today was ... hummm I guess you can say, "Rewarding." Instead of the normal wake up call Doc. W decided to leave me a voicemail since he didn't want to interrupt my *cough cough* beauty sleep. It was sweet!!! During his surgery rotation he has to be at the hospital pretty early, & he stays pretty late. I can already tell the difference in our frequency of communication, but we make it work & I keep myself busy with the kid & studying anyway. This is what he plans to specialize in as of now, sooooo practice now.. be prepared later (right) lets see how that goes!  

When I did arise from my beautiful slumber I headed over to the beach for a few to enjoy the last bit of summer, & relax. Had subway & returned home to STUDY! I was proud of myself for getting over 90% of the questions right, doing a timed Logical Reasoning Section from an actual  previous LSAT. Go me!! 

The kid had football practice, where he was in the business of showing no mercy to his fellow teammates at the coaches request, & running folks over! Go K. 

I headed to a 30 min workout session where I almost died ( but I stuck in there like a trooper) & now I'm about to have steamed shrimp & crab legs for dinner! Yummy. 

Waiting for Doc. W to call & update me on his day & then I will try to squeeze in 10 more practice questions before bed. 

Got a lot done today, I guess the workout session & the practice section is why I feel like today was "rewarding" :-) 

Nighty Night.