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What To Do???

........ yea those dots symbolize my life right now! It's friday and I have nothing to do, and when I say nothing I mean... I've submitted applications to my top choices... I checked the status' already which say "under review".... and now I just feel like I'm missing something... It was just yesterday all of my time went into studying for the LSAT, and then into preparing my applications.. now all that its over... & I have nothing to do! I'm more than stoked for the break seeing as though they are hard to come by at work. (We have mandatory systems training for the next two weeks, this week was the first week... on the bright side.. we get free lunch everyday.. we've had pizza, pasta, chic fil a, subway and the likes... a detox is MANDATORY when this training is over... the down side is not technically getting a "lunch break" but hey free meals... I won't complain) ....

Not to mention Doc W. is currently on call tonight delivering babies so him occupying my "free" time is out of the question... the kid was "sick" today ( In my motherly opinion he's fine, he really played hookie.. but hey, we've all been kids before, so I let him have the day off).. so he isn't in a friendly playful mood. (gotta continue his act for the rest of the day). so that leaves me with nothing to do!

Im halfway through a book me and the Hubs have been reading entitled "So You Want To Be Married" ...(I Love it, a must read for couples pursuing marraige) so I will probably finish that over the weekend... catch up on some Life Time Movie Network and continue to be ...BORED LOL .