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Here Today. Gone Tomorrow..

Seems like just yesterday we were saying our "I Do's" & then exactly a month later we are saying "See you later" .. It's bittersweet when u have a person with you for a month straight and then they leave for a month... lol this is currently me and Doc W's situation..

Congratulations to him.. he's made it to his final year of medical school. Officially an MS4. While I am extremely happy for hubbs, this left me to be here ... in this new city .. no friends .. no family.. all alone .. I've taken this time though to really get in tune with myself.. have heartfelt conversations with God, and to prepare for the year that is ahead for me.

As a new wife & a mother away from her support system, I know this year will be "Tough" but I feel like God has given me this time to prepare.. peace and solitude "ALONE" because it will not always be this way. I truly understand why Paul says its better to be single than to marry.. You have to devote so much of your attention to your spouse & their needs that sometimes you neglect your own.. better yet... sometimes you neglect time with God.

So I am honestly taking full advantage and loving it.

I miss the kid tremendously though. He's been with his dad for almost 3 weeks & will be with him the entire summer.. The first couple of days were rough but now I'm "ok" .. Thankfully Hubbs will be home tomorrow for a few days because he has to take his step 2 board exam this weekend..  & I will be going home this weekend to visit the KID & Family.. I miss them!