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3LOL - Third Year of Law School- To Do's

I think it's partially true when they say : " 1L Year they scare you to death. 2L Year they work you to death. & 3L Year they bore you to death. "

Now to be fair, 2L Year is better than 1L Year because you finally know how to "study, make outlines, survive Finals Week, manage reading for your classes, & have a relatively small "social life" butttttt you also get involved into extra curricular activities. So in my opinion you're choosing to work yourself to death not necessarily the curriculum of law school...  So naturally by 3L year you're a pro st balancing all those things above, but you're also READY to get out of law school! 🤓

Most 3L's find themselves torn between enjoyment and anticipation of graduation.🎓

This can sometimes mean showing up for class, or not. Reading for class, or not. Outlining for finals, or not.  But one things for certain this means you're 5 steps closer to taking the Bar.

A great deal of your 3L year is spent preparing for it. From taking MPRE, (because contrary to popular belief-lawyers do have to be ethical, or at least learn to be) to getting a record of your ENTIRE life in order!!

Ok maybe not the entire thing but close, you know: the exact time you were born, your first grade teachers name, what you ate two years ago on January 3rd, & the fax number for that job you held 8 years ago. Yea. lol point is, it's a lot of detailed information you need for your bar application. 

While your laughing your way through 3L year, here are some things you don't want to forget: 

1.    Start gathering your documentation early. 

Do not wait until the last minute to get all of your documentation in order for your bar application. It's going to take time to have your credit report sent, your DMV transcript delivered, finger prints done, & so much more. Waiting until the last minute is a recipe to miss your application deadline.

Keep in mind however that you don't want to do this too early. Everything "official" that you must submit usually has to be within a 90 day window. So you do not want things to expire before you submit your application. Timing is key. & factor in time for delays, because some states are more difficult than others when it comes to sending people records. 

Oh yea, you also want to time when you take the MPRE perfectly in case you don't pass the bar on the first try (because let's face it- not everyone is One & Done) because that expires eventually too. {varies by state so be sure to Check your jurisdiction}  

2. Choose your Bar Prep Course.

After you decide what state you want to take the bar in, the next thing is to choose a bar prep company: Kaplan or BARBRI are the most popular but there are others.

A lot of companies offer incentives the earlier you sign on, so maybe you took advantage of this during your 1L or 2L year. If not you want to do this as soon as possible 3L year. Most places offer early access to bar prep material so you can get a head start which is great.

Oh & don't forget, you have to spend around $3k on a Bar Prep course, so research & choose wisely. This involves looking at the success rates of others in your particular state that used the same company, & their overall pass rates. & if you don't have the $ now is the time to start asking for money for Birthdays, Christmas, & early graduation gifts. Check you Bar Application expenses as well. Don't be blind sided with $5k in expenses your 3L year. Prepare early. 

3.  Continue to Network

That job you want is not going to just give itself to you. In your third year of law school you should be spending time networking. Don't forget those connections you made interning during your 1L & 2L summers. Hopefully you've kept in contact with job prospects but if not shoot some emails. Keep in contact!! Communication is key, sometimes you can get a job before it's even "posted" if you network properly. 

Do not forget that by 3L year you need to update your resume! Take off things that are no longer relevant that were place fillers during law school. Make sure all your legal clubs & jobs are listed. Lastly, be sure to add WHEN & WHAT State you're taking the Bar in so employers know.  

The time goes goes by fast.  Enjoy every moment. Yes - even with those classmates and professors you are not too fond of, because before you know it you will graduate and never see some of those people again! 

Be sure to enjoy the last days of formal education, for most. Celebrate with your family & friends! & be sure to treat yourself after you sit for the bar. You've worked hard for 3 years . You deserve it. 👏🏽⚖️

"The Roots of Education are bitter but the fruit is sweet." 

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