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3 More DAYS

Its October 1st! YAY... Soooo the countdown is so real, I have officially 3 more days until  the LSAT.

While I'm still nervous and feeling unprepared... I'm ready for this phase to be over so I can focus on my applications, recommendation letters, and officially getting my life back!

Tomorrow I am going to take my final (Prep- Test) ... and then rest my mind until saturday. My brain has gone on complete overload. Its funny how the roles have reversed, just a few months ago my boyfriend was preparing for Step 1 board exams and I was there to encourage him when he felt defeated and now its my turn, he's certainly the voice of reason. Im having as he would call them "Knowledge Nightmares" ... I just can't escape the LSAT. Oddly enough I feel like once its over I will miss it, bittersweet.

Hopefully Doc W, comes into town this weekend to celebrate with me POST TEST, (I wont get my hopes up, I completely understand the demands of his Peds rotation that is 7 hours away) I will certainly need a massage and a glass of wine before the weekend is over.

Fortunately, I will start back working on Monday so that will keep me occupied instead of refreshing my email every 5 seconds looking for my lsat results.

Politics -- As Usual

Today's "Round Table Discussion" with my pre-law advisor from undergrad as we'll as the department chair of the political science department was so rewarding. It was a great opportunity to sit at the table with them to discuss politics, without being nervous about being graded on your responses, and life in general. We had open dialogue that reminded me of why I loved my major (Political Science) & school (Hampton University) so much!!!

I walked away even more thrilled about my LSAT next weekend, and also with confirmation that my letter of recommendation will get done. My school is famous for the "Hampton Run Around" .. So I will be able to rest once I know the LSAC has received and processed them. :-) None the less today has been nothing short of fulfilling & now I will get back to my studies.