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The Process

So as I mentioned before, instead of refreshing my email every 5 seconds after taking the #LSAT, I was actually productive while playing the waiting game.

I used the time waiting on my scores to ensure my letters of recommendations were received and processed by LSAC, I began filling out my applications with all the information that I could, and I worked on the final edits of my personal statement.

I would encourage you to do some of these same things during your waiting game. It not only alleviates stress, but depending on the time you apply, it positions you for early admissions to your top choices. (Grant/Scholarship opportunities, and it allows you to gain entrance before the slots are tight).

(Writing your personal statement while your studying for the LSAT is helpful also, it takes your mind off of the daugnting test for a second, and reminds you of how awesome you are and why again your actually "studying" to get a good score to gain entrance into law school)

** Make sure you get your statement proofed by everyone you know! (ok not everyone) I started with an unbiased friend who has written several book over the past few years. Then I passed it along to my boyfriend who allowed one of his fraternity brothers who is currently a practicing attorney, to proof it. I made revisions and edits where necessary and recommended, and then solicited my sisters best friend who is an esteemed publicist for one of the local school districts to make the final edits, to ensure everything came together, that it made sense, and that there were no grammatical errors, the previous editors missed **

Once she gave this to me, I was ready to go! My applications had already been completed many in which the personal statement was the only thing missing. I am currently going through the


 I submitted applications today to my top choices, and I look forward to hearing from them in the coming weeks!!!

3 More DAYS

Its October 1st! YAY... Soooo the countdown is so real, I have officially 3 more days until  the LSAT.

While I'm still nervous and feeling unprepared... I'm ready for this phase to be over so I can focus on my applications, recommendation letters, and officially getting my life back!

Tomorrow I am going to take my final (Prep- Test) ... and then rest my mind until saturday. My brain has gone on complete overload. Its funny how the roles have reversed, just a few months ago my boyfriend was preparing for Step 1 board exams and I was there to encourage him when he felt defeated and now its my turn, he's certainly the voice of reason. Im having as he would call them "Knowledge Nightmares" ... I just can't escape the LSAT. Oddly enough I feel like once its over I will miss it, bittersweet.

Hopefully Doc W, comes into town this weekend to celebrate with me POST TEST, (I wont get my hopes up, I completely understand the demands of his Peds rotation that is 7 hours away) I will certainly need a massage and a glass of wine before the weekend is over.

Fortunately, I will start back working on Monday so that will keep me occupied instead of refreshing my email every 5 seconds looking for my lsat results.

Good Bye August, Hello September

I feel like the summer flew past. Didn't even feel the month of June, Good Bye August. Hello September =) 

I had am amazing holiday weekend! Spending quality time with FAMILY. & to my greatest surprise, Doc. W. payed me a


visit on Yesterday! This was a huge deal! He's currently on a rotation that's uhhh

7 hours away

! 0_o I was so stoked to spend a few hours with him, but all good things come to an end. He headed back-got in late due to traffic-had to be at the hospital at 7am and had a rough day to say the least! All in all I truly appreciate Doc W. and his spontaneous spirit. He's always considering me even during this difficult time, we really make the best of our circumstance! 

My workout today was phenomenal! Finally getting my body adjusted (The I haven't worked out in month's pain) is beginning to subside! Woo Hoo! 

Today was also the first day of School. Kid K, had an amazing day! *By the end of the day he had forgotten of how embarrassing I was this morning.. I was the only parent in the class making sure he put his lunch box up & got his supplies in order. He literally ushered me out of the classroom, his teacher and I both chuckled. Its hard to believe he's grown up so fast, he really demands independence now.* But as we all know the first day means homework for parents. I've spent the last hour completing paper work, reviewi

ng classroom rules, and filling out emergency forms. All which seems so redundant... You will never get use to this Moms! 

The LSAT is officially 31 Days away! Prepared... well LOL. I'm getting there! I plan to enroll in a LSAT prep Course at Regent Universities School of Law tomorrow. The session is two consecutive saturdays in the month of September, I feel like this will be a great opportunity to get a few tips a couple of weeks before the test, and also get an assessment to see where I stand! :) 
So Long August ✌

Before the new month I have to post. I've been so busy these past few days! Football, studying, working out, the training Doc...The usuals. 

Haven't spent much time talking to Doc. W this week but from our late night catchups, he thoroughly enjoyed his first week of his surgery rotation. From the poop (Colon Cleanings) to his first c-section, it's been a wonderful learning experience. Much to look forward to. I spend my spare time (when I'm not studying or being super mom) reading medical spouse blogs and I've heard mixed reviews pertaining to being married to a surgeon. Not certain of what lays ahead but I'm sure if he does pursue this specialty as long as we continue to keep God at the center we will be fine. 

Yesterday was meet & greet for the students & their new teachers. Kid K has 3 different teachers this year! He's growing up. In fourth grade they switch classes 0_o. His teachers seem pretty well experienced! Hopefully this school year will be another grand experience. I look forward to watching him progress and prepare to be the (senior) of elementary school ☺

They also had opening ceremony for his football season, actually on the way to his first game!! So exciting.. Last year they made it to the championship in North Carolina & came back with the Trophy! Go Tigers.

It's Labor Day weekend! Last minute back to school shopping & cookouts! Enjoy.  

Kid K is #5 my nephew is #88 

Goooooooo Tigersssss!!! 🏈

Something NEW

Sooooooo after much thought (ok not really) I decided today to delete my Instagram (to keep me focused) in preparation for my October LSAT... & to my greatest surprise I have already picked up something new, Blogging! 

I'm a newbie at this but I thought it would be great to document my journey in studying, applications, acceptance, selecting a school and so forth!  

I'm also the girlfriend to a 3rd Year Medical Student (Who started the first day of his Surgery Rotation today). So I will be blogging about ~our~ journey as well. Comment, ask questions, & follow me as I share my life through a blog!