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Dean's Scholarship...Won't he do it!

Just when I thought God had already done enough.... 

Ha! On wednesday I received my Official Scholarship information and Im so happy to say that God has blessed me with a Dean's Scholarship!!!!! Many of you who have traveled down the road to graduate school be it law, masters, or medical, know exactly what I mean when I say this is nothing short of a miracle that I will not go into deeper debt (under grad loans) for law school.... and for all the fellow medical spouses you understand that those med school loans are enough for 3 people so we didn't really want to accumulate much more debt and God made that happen for us! 

I truly know that this is all in his divine will and purpose for my life because everything is just falling into place.. I have learned that he will never bring you to a situation without the means to bring you through it, and when you do things his way, on his time table they will be blessed..While I may not have graduated the top of my undergraduate class, or scored over a 170 on my LSAT, he has continued to show me favor throughout this process!....I'm just a normal girl from a big city (NY) with a Big Heart, Big Dreams & an even BIGGER GOD! 

I can't wait to send my recommenders thank you cards and share the great news! 

Im much more excited with the financial burden being lifted and ready to begin the countdown to entering law school in August of 2014.


3 More DAYS

Its October 1st! YAY... Soooo the countdown is so real, I have officially 3 more days until  the LSAT.

While I'm still nervous and feeling unprepared... I'm ready for this phase to be over so I can focus on my applications, recommendation letters, and officially getting my life back!

Tomorrow I am going to take my final (Prep- Test) ... and then rest my mind until saturday. My brain has gone on complete overload. Its funny how the roles have reversed, just a few months ago my boyfriend was preparing for Step 1 board exams and I was there to encourage him when he felt defeated and now its my turn, he's certainly the voice of reason. Im having as he would call them "Knowledge Nightmares" ... I just can't escape the LSAT. Oddly enough I feel like once its over I will miss it, bittersweet.

Hopefully Doc W, comes into town this weekend to celebrate with me POST TEST, (I wont get my hopes up, I completely understand the demands of his Peds rotation that is 7 hours away) I will certainly need a massage and a glass of wine before the weekend is over.

Fortunately, I will start back working on Monday so that will keep me occupied instead of refreshing my email every 5 seconds looking for my lsat results.

So Long August ✌

Before the new month I have to post. I've been so busy these past few days! Football, studying, working out, the training Doc...The usuals. 

Haven't spent much time talking to Doc. W this week but from our late night catchups, he thoroughly enjoyed his first week of his surgery rotation. From the poop (Colon Cleanings) to his first c-section, it's been a wonderful learning experience. Much to look forward to. I spend my spare time (when I'm not studying or being super mom) reading medical spouse blogs and I've heard mixed reviews pertaining to being married to a surgeon. Not certain of what lays ahead but I'm sure if he does pursue this specialty as long as we continue to keep God at the center we will be fine. 

Yesterday was meet & greet for the students & their new teachers. Kid K has 3 different teachers this year! He's growing up. In fourth grade they switch classes 0_o. His teachers seem pretty well experienced! Hopefully this school year will be another grand experience. I look forward to watching him progress and prepare to be the (senior) of elementary school ☺

They also had opening ceremony for his football season, actually on the way to his first game!! So exciting.. Last year they made it to the championship in North Carolina & came back with the Trophy! Go Tigers.

It's Labor Day weekend! Last minute back to school shopping & cookouts! Enjoy.  

Kid K is #5 my nephew is #88 

Goooooooo Tigersssss!!! 🏈

Something NEW

Sooooooo after much thought (ok not really) I decided today to delete my Instagram (to keep me focused) in preparation for my October LSAT... & to my greatest surprise I have already picked up something new, Blogging! 

I'm a newbie at this but I thought it would be great to document my journey in studying, applications, acceptance, selecting a school and so forth!  

I'm also the girlfriend to a 3rd Year Medical Student (Who started the first day of his Surgery Rotation today). So I will be blogging about ~our~ journey as well. Comment, ask questions, & follow me as I share my life through a blog!