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Dean's Scholarship...Won't he do it!

Just when I thought God had already done enough.... 

Ha! On wednesday I received my Official Scholarship information and Im so happy to say that God has blessed me with a Dean's Scholarship!!!!! Many of you who have traveled down the road to graduate school be it law, masters, or medical, know exactly what I mean when I say this is nothing short of a miracle that I will not go into deeper debt (under grad loans) for law school.... and for all the fellow medical spouses you understand that those med school loans are enough for 3 people so we didn't really want to accumulate much more debt and God made that happen for us! 

I truly know that this is all in his divine will and purpose for my life because everything is just falling into place.. I have learned that he will never bring you to a situation without the means to bring you through it, and when you do things his way, on his time table they will be blessed..While I may not have graduated the top of my undergraduate class, or scored over a 170 on my LSAT, he has continued to show me favor throughout this process!....I'm just a normal girl from a big city (NY) with a Big Heart, Big Dreams & an even BIGGER GOD! 

I can't wait to send my recommenders thank you cards and share the great news! 

Im much more excited with the financial burden being lifted and ready to begin the countdown to entering law school in August of 2014.


The Process

So as I mentioned before, instead of refreshing my email every 5 seconds after taking the #LSAT, I was actually productive while playing the waiting game.

I used the time waiting on my scores to ensure my letters of recommendations were received and processed by LSAC, I began filling out my applications with all the information that I could, and I worked on the final edits of my personal statement.

I would encourage you to do some of these same things during your waiting game. It not only alleviates stress, but depending on the time you apply, it positions you for early admissions to your top choices. (Grant/Scholarship opportunities, and it allows you to gain entrance before the slots are tight).

(Writing your personal statement while your studying for the LSAT is helpful also, it takes your mind off of the daugnting test for a second, and reminds you of how awesome you are and why again your actually "studying" to get a good score to gain entrance into law school)

** Make sure you get your statement proofed by everyone you know! (ok not everyone) I started with an unbiased friend who has written several book over the past few years. Then I passed it along to my boyfriend who allowed one of his fraternity brothers who is currently a practicing attorney, to proof it. I made revisions and edits where necessary and recommended, and then solicited my sisters best friend who is an esteemed publicist for one of the local school districts to make the final edits, to ensure everything came together, that it made sense, and that there were no grammatical errors, the previous editors missed **

Once she gave this to me, I was ready to go! My applications had already been completed many in which the personal statement was the only thing missing. I am currently going through the


 I submitted applications today to my top choices, and I look forward to hearing from them in the coming weeks!!!

Overly Focused it's far from time to rest now....!

So just 4 days ago I received my long awaited {ok not really it came 2 days early} LSAT score. I had already planned to attended an "Expierence Law Weekend" at Liberty University law school in Lynchburg Va prior to receiving my score, but attending with score in tow made it even more fulfilling! 

Something that is top priority to me is my faith as a Christian and most people believe lawyers to be very deceitful people. For that reason and a few others I am very interested in the two law schools in the Nation based on Christian Values and Principals. Both ironically in VA, one being Liberty and the other Regent (Close to home-- 40 mins in fact)! 

I arrived on Thursday night for an early morning beginning Friday at 8:30 am. 

Driving up to the campus was a sight in itself, Liberty is located in the mountainous region of Virginia, so in the middle of the fall you can just imagine the beauty of the mountains and trees. 

Upon arrival we were greeted by some faculty and staff members in the mountain view room. [The name of course gives away that one wall is all glass and you can look out into the beautiful mountains, they seem endless.] We signed in and recived a couple of cool trinkets {Liberty Lip balm, a coffee mug of course a pin and notepad, as well as a book bag} to carry along with us when we depart. They provided breakfast, lunch, and a snack (Chic Fil A) throughout the duration of the day! I will never forget that harvest peach salad! It was amazing!!! 

We had several events planned which included us sitting in on an actual law class ( I chose Civil Procedure) & learned a lot from a skit of the Famous Mattel case, we reviewed Rule 11, 26, & 37 sanctions. Very insightful lecture & interesting lecture. 

We had a couple of panel discussions with the faculty and current students, of course they answered the million and one questions us prospective students had. They were very helpful and welcoming! Everyone was.. 

I've heard some positive and negative things about Liberty and it's culture pre visit, I didn't let those negative connotations alter my view or my opinion. Honestly after visiting this weekend they have jumped to the too of my list regarding my school choices. Their loving and close nit "family" is something I felt myself being apart of and the love of God and Jesus resognates heavily in that place and I LOVE IT. 

Not to mention I spoke with the Admissions Commitee told them my scores and just had genuine conversations with some faculty who asked what I was waiting for to apply, they would love to have a student like me at their School :-) 

I am looking forward the application process, and certainly open to all the Liberty has to offer. (They have a replica Supreme Court room, two court room/classrooms, and the number one Lawyering Skills program in the nation... They are also one of 12 out of all ABA approved schools to have 100% merit based scholarship retention!!! I'd love to join their student body .. Oh and did I mention it's only 45 mins of Doc W's school!! He's hoping to complete his residency in this area as we'll so it would just be perfect, and if it's in Gods will it will all fall into place.  

Stay Tuned.