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New Beginnings...💙

It's been a long while since I've posted. Sorry to myself.. But I've been super busy with preparing for this next chapter in my life.

Doc W & I officially tied the knot on May 30, 2014, ( post & pics coming soon) hence my absence with wedding planning 

& as of today we moved in together!! 

As I drove away from my family & friends yesterday I couldn't help but shed tears thinking about this huge step I am taking (moving 4 hours from family) & being a wife. -- The memories were flooding my thoughts on the way to our new "home" and I was over come with a ballet of emotions. 

Although I didn't move to another state lol this is still a huge step. Having not only the responsibility of being a mom with no support system, but also being a wife. It's technically just us and we are all we have out here in this new place.. It's scary but exciting! 

I have a lot of "Important" stuff to handle for the next couple of weeks & then once we settle in I think it will actually hit me that I'm here to stay because as of now I just feel like I'm visiting! Lol 

My goal is to post more, share my blog with friends & family so they can remain up to date, & continue using it as my outlet ... 

Engagement Pics

I know I haven't posted in a while .. It's been a busy beginning of the year for me.  

Been so excited planning our "Wedding" & enjoying being engaged to my best friend. This weekend we had our engagement pictures taken at our Alma Mater (HU) & I couldn't have been happier when the photographer sent a sneak peek to Facebook this AM. 

Here they are!  Dying to see the rest :) 

--- Love. Love. Love. 

Were Engaged

I don't even know where to begin but ... We are officially Engaged!!! So this means I'm officially off the Market, & I'm one step Closer to becoming Mrs. W 😁. 

I get to share my life with my best friend & soul mate. God has truly brung us together & I'm forever grateful for his blessing & grace. 

Here's how it all went down .. 

The future Hubby & I went ring shopping back in June or so... I speculated that he would propose around our anniversary Nov 30 BUT I GUESS THAT WAS TOO OBVIOUS so I was clearly wrong! 

On NYE my dream finally came true! Doc W is a 3rd year medical student (all my MS WIFE'S AND DOC'S WIFE'S KNOW MY STUGGLE) .. & he told me he had to work NYE so I didnt expect to see him.

I got dressed all cute for NYE service that began @ 9 .. upon arrival of course everyone wanted to know where he was & I'm like oh he had to work, blah blah blah.. each time someone asked I got sad.. but I realized this would be a reality for us in his profession... some holidays would be spent alone, so get us to it is what I kept telling myself...


Fastforward to around 11:15 he walks in-(I didn’t see him at all even though I was sitting near the door smh) as someone was giving their testimony and he was blurted out an "Amen” so I turned around like what are u doing here lol.. with the confused face I gritted on him & mouthed “u lied to me” lol he asked for the mic next to give his testimony.. then walked to the front of the church.. I’m thinking at this time what the heck is he doing everyone else did this from their seat why are u going to the front, that's so extra.. and he proceeded to give his testimony and then he said: “but I can’t go into 2014 without applying a certain verse that I’ve meditated on for my entire life, Proverbs 18:22 says that He who finds a wife finds a good thing (when I heard that I dropped into the seat & began crying lol) & he called me to the front "can u come up here".. and the rest was a blur… before I knew it he was on his knee and I was saying yes!

I was so excited I didn’t even see the ring until someone screamed that’s a “rock, let me see” & I looked down & screamed!!!!! It was exactly what I always dreamt of a "Yellow Diamond" :)

I never expected to get this until maybe well into His career, he certainly made a dream come true! 

I love him & 5 days later I'm still sooooooo Happy! 

Late...Behind (Merry Christmas) ....

So its January 1st, and I've neglected my blog for the past two weeks.. but in the New Year I'm hoping got post more :) 

Ive been VERYYYY busy with the Holidays, all the shopping for the kid, and preparing to spend time with family and so forth. 

My Christmas was truly blessed! The older you get the more you realize that the things you "want" cannot be purchased.

Hope everyone had a Blessed Christmas 

Thanksgiving ...Alone

Well not technically alone because my immediate family still had dinner together, but no GiGi( my Grandma went to ATL to visit my oldest cousin) or Doc W. Unfortunately hubs is on his internal medicine rotation and had to work thanksgiving day.... Seeing as though he's not a hop skip and a jump a way we didn't get to see one another! Bummer, yea I know... Not sure how you doc wives get use to that but I guess I will figure it out over time...

Thanksgiving was still phenomenal as always! Just thankful for another opportunity to come together with family and share Gods goodness in our lives each and everyday... God has certainly blessed me in the last couple of months! There's so much to always be greatful for...

I pray you all have enjoyed your thanksgiving and time off with family!

In other news our anniversary is tomorrow... And Doc W sent me flowers to work... (Yes I had to go in for about 4 hours..smh) but they were a complete surprise... Totally brightened up my day and office space!

Ohhhhh how I'm counting down to Cyber Monday, not really a fan of the Black Friday crowds.

Happy Holidays folks!

What To Do???

........ yea those dots symbolize my life right now! It's friday and I have nothing to do, and when I say nothing I mean... I've submitted applications to my top choices... I checked the status' already which say "under review".... and now I just feel like I'm missing something... It was just yesterday all of my time went into studying for the LSAT, and then into preparing my applications.. now all that its over... & I have nothing to do! I'm more than stoked for the break seeing as though they are hard to come by at work. (We have mandatory systems training for the next two weeks, this week was the first week... on the bright side.. we get free lunch everyday.. we've had pizza, pasta, chic fil a, subway and the likes... a detox is MANDATORY when this training is over... the down side is not technically getting a "lunch break" but hey free meals... I won't complain) ....

Not to mention Doc W. is currently on call tonight delivering babies so him occupying my "free" time is out of the question... the kid was "sick" today ( In my motherly opinion he's fine, he really played hookie.. but hey, we've all been kids before, so I let him have the day off).. so he isn't in a friendly playful mood. (gotta continue his act for the rest of the day). so that leaves me with nothing to do!

Im halfway through a book me and the Hubs have been reading entitled "So You Want To Be Married" ...(I Love it, a must read for couples pursuing marraige) so I will probably finish that over the weekend... catch up on some Life Time Movie Network and continue to be ...BORED LOL .

Perfect Timing -- Back to work!

So I've been fortunate (if thats what you call not working, not receiving a paycheck, and still paying bills) to be out of work since Mid June, I say fortunate because it gave me ample time to study for my LSAT! wHOO hOOOO.... But of course I was hoping when the dreadful LSAT studying & test was over October 5th, I would have a position waiting on me!

&& thats exactly how things are playing out. Today I accepted a position that starts October 7th. Perfect timing just as I was praying for. I get a day to rest in between the lsat and starting work! Go figure.

The position is similar to a few jobs I've held in the past but it also incorporates  an inside sales component. I am looking forward to the new challenge, and  the money I've  certainly been missing.

They offer a raise after a probation period , but I don't anticipate seeing the benefits from that because it will be around the same time I am hoping to relocate and get situated in Law School... Where Ever I End Up!!! :)

As for now... the countdown continues:


more days!

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Politics -- As Usual

Today's "Round Table Discussion" with my pre-law advisor from undergrad as we'll as the department chair of the political science department was so rewarding. It was a great opportunity to sit at the table with them to discuss politics, without being nervous about being graded on your responses, and life in general. We had open dialogue that reminded me of why I loved my major (Political Science) & school (Hampton University) so much!!!

I walked away even more thrilled about my LSAT next weekend, and also with confirmation that my letter of recommendation will get done. My school is famous for the "Hampton Run Around" .. So I will be able to rest once I know the LSAC has received and processed them. :-) None the less today has been nothing short of fulfilling & now I will get back to my studies.

Busy Bee 🐝

As of late I haven't been posting-- life has been extremely busy! I'm 11 Days away from my October LSAT. Me & Doc W did have study date last Wednesday --- 


He was preparing for his end of Rotation test- & me the LSAT..

He was finish with Surgery a week early so he came to spend time with me! So relaxing and exciting. && I'm glad we made it through that Rotation. Pediatrics started today. Let's see what that brings other than germs. Lol 

I attempted to take a practice test today & could not focus after 1section. Blah! I'm sooo over studying at this point! 

This past weekend was amazing! I accompanied Doc W to his youngest sisters wedding in MD/DC, where in his fathers absence- (who passed away when Doc W was 11 of heart disease-)he walked her down the aisle. 

So sweet!! The ceremony was at the Beautiful Tudor Park with a casual backyard reception @ her new in-laws estate. They truly made the day "Theirs" from the matching shoes, to the custom music selection. It was beautiful to witness! Congrats Maya & Prince..

&& of course EVeRYoNE is expecting us to be "Next" :) --stay tuned. 

I have to study, practice test, study, practice test. For the next few days. But I will try to post on how things go! ;-) 

Countdown to me getting my life back. 

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Good Bye August, Hello September

I feel like the summer flew past. Didn't even feel the month of June, Good Bye August. Hello September =) 

I had am amazing holiday weekend! Spending quality time with FAMILY. & to my greatest surprise, Doc. W. payed me a


visit on Yesterday! This was a huge deal! He's currently on a rotation that's uhhh

7 hours away

! 0_o I was so stoked to spend a few hours with him, but all good things come to an end. He headed back-got in late due to traffic-had to be at the hospital at 7am and had a rough day to say the least! All in all I truly appreciate Doc W. and his spontaneous spirit. He's always considering me even during this difficult time, we really make the best of our circumstance! 

My workout today was phenomenal! Finally getting my body adjusted (The I haven't worked out in month's pain) is beginning to subside! Woo Hoo! 

Today was also the first day of School. Kid K, had an amazing day! *By the end of the day he had forgotten of how embarrassing I was this morning.. I was the only parent in the class making sure he put his lunch box up & got his supplies in order. He literally ushered me out of the classroom, his teacher and I both chuckled. Its hard to believe he's grown up so fast, he really demands independence now.* But as we all know the first day means homework for parents. I've spent the last hour completing paper work, reviewi

ng classroom rules, and filling out emergency forms. All which seems so redundant... You will never get use to this Moms! 

The LSAT is officially 31 Days away! Prepared... well LOL. I'm getting there! I plan to enroll in a LSAT prep Course at Regent Universities School of Law tomorrow. The session is two consecutive saturdays in the month of September, I feel like this will be a great opportunity to get a few tips a couple of weeks before the test, and also get an assessment to see where I stand! :) 
So Long August ✌

Before the new month I have to post. I've been so busy these past few days! Football, studying, working out, the training Doc...The usuals. 

Haven't spent much time talking to Doc. W this week but from our late night catchups, he thoroughly enjoyed his first week of his surgery rotation. From the poop (Colon Cleanings) to his first c-section, it's been a wonderful learning experience. Much to look forward to. I spend my spare time (when I'm not studying or being super mom) reading medical spouse blogs and I've heard mixed reviews pertaining to being married to a surgeon. Not certain of what lays ahead but I'm sure if he does pursue this specialty as long as we continue to keep God at the center we will be fine. 

Yesterday was meet & greet for the students & their new teachers. Kid K has 3 different teachers this year! He's growing up. In fourth grade they switch classes 0_o. His teachers seem pretty well experienced! Hopefully this school year will be another grand experience. I look forward to watching him progress and prepare to be the (senior) of elementary school ☺

They also had opening ceremony for his football season, actually on the way to his first game!! So exciting.. Last year they made it to the championship in North Carolina & came back with the Trophy! Go Tigers.

It's Labor Day weekend! Last minute back to school shopping & cookouts! Enjoy.  

Kid K is #5 my nephew is #88 

Goooooooo Tigersssss!!! 🏈

Rewarding Day huh?!

Today was ... hummm I guess you can say, "Rewarding." Instead of the normal wake up call Doc. W decided to leave me a voicemail since he didn't want to interrupt my *cough cough* beauty sleep. It was sweet!!! During his surgery rotation he has to be at the hospital pretty early, & he stays pretty late. I can already tell the difference in our frequency of communication, but we make it work & I keep myself busy with the kid & studying anyway. This is what he plans to specialize in as of now, sooooo practice now.. be prepared later (right) lets see how that goes!  

When I did arise from my beautiful slumber I headed over to the beach for a few to enjoy the last bit of summer, & relax. Had subway & returned home to STUDY! I was proud of myself for getting over 90% of the questions right, doing a timed Logical Reasoning Section from an actual  previous LSAT. Go me!! 

The kid had football practice, where he was in the business of showing no mercy to his fellow teammates at the coaches request, & running folks over! Go K. 

I headed to a 30 min workout session where I almost died ( but I stuck in there like a trooper) & now I'm about to have steamed shrimp & crab legs for dinner! Yummy. 

Waiting for Doc. W to call & update me on his day & then I will try to squeeze in 10 more practice questions before bed. 

Got a lot done today, I guess the workout session & the practice section is why I feel like today was "rewarding" :-) 

Nighty Night. 

Something NEW

Sooooooo after much thought (ok not really) I decided today to delete my Instagram (to keep me focused) in preparation for my October LSAT... & to my greatest surprise I have already picked up something new, Blogging! 

I'm a newbie at this but I thought it would be great to document my journey in studying, applications, acceptance, selecting a school and so forth!  

I'm also the girlfriend to a 3rd Year Medical Student (Who started the first day of his Surgery Rotation today). So I will be blogging about ~our~ journey as well. Comment, ask questions, & follow me as I share my life through a blog!